Windows Phone six stories tall appears in NYC [Videos]

In a mobile landscape in which it appears that smartphones will just keep getting bigger and bigger, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops, creating this week a six story tall building shapes like a Windows Phone to wow the citizens of the Big Apple. This device is no Windows Phone per say, but a construct made to promote new Windows Phones on AT&T and T-Mobile and will feature different scenes throughout its lifespan such as life-size Plants vs. Zombies and live bands playing music. I'll take one!

Performances will take place (or have already taken place, depending on what time of day it is) by the band Far East Movement in what Microsoft is noting is the music and video hub. inside the "Me" tile, you'll find a man proposing to his girlfriend as well as a weather reporter talking up the day. Have a peek at the time-lapse video of the construct being built over the course of a couple of days here:

This news comes amid another relatively large release for the week: Spotify. While the Spotify mobile app has been available for Android And iOS in the past, Windows Phone has not until now gotten a taste of its delicious musical fruits. Some of the devices this gigantic phone is being constructed to celebrate are the Samsung Focus Flash which we got some hands-on time with this past week and the Samsung Focus S which we've got a hands-on roundup of from around the web. Another device being released on T-Mobile is the HTC Radar 4G, a lovely smartphone indeed.

Have a peek at a few more panels opening here, with more added as they come: