Windows Phone 7 getting October Europe debut, November US release [Video]

Microsoft's release schedule for Windows Phone 7 has never been more specific than "in time for the holidays", but that's changed thanks to COO Kevin Turner.  At a recent presentation on the new smartphone OS, Turner revealed that WP7 will arrive in October 2010 for Europe and in November for the US, though he stopped short of anything more specific.

Dell, HTC, Samsung, LG and ASUS have all been confirmed as preparing Windows Phone 7 devices for Q4 2010, though Microsoft has seen at least one high-profile desertion in the shape of HP; the company will instead focus on using its acquired webOS IP.  As for carriers, AT&T is tipped to be Microsoft's "premier" partner in the US, with rumors of the carrier ordering eight million devices.

[via Engadget]