AT&T calls dibs on Premier Windows Phone 7 vendor title

Last week we mentioned that AT&T had reportedly ordered up about eight million Windows Phone 7 handsets. That is a lot of handsets given that the track record for Microsoft in the smartphone market has been not that great of late and the flaming disaster that was the Kin is still fresh on everyone's minds.

AT&T is betting big on Windows Phone 7 and has stated that it plans to be a premiere vendor of WinPo 7 handsets. An AT&T spokesperson told PC World in an email, "We'll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7. We haven't given guidance on timing."

PC World reports that Verizon and Sprint are mum on WinPo7 plans. I would not be surprised to see Verizon wait to see how the WinPo7 OS does before jumping into the market with handsets in a big way after the Kin failure. However, that failure was as much Verizon's fault with the horrible data plan pricing as it was Microsoft's failure.