Windows Phone 7 Facebook app usage spike suggests strong holiday sales

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 sales may finally be seeing a stronger performance as we approach the holiday season. The number of people using Microsoft's Facebook Integration for Windows Phone 7 has shot up in the past two weeks from 1,000,000 on November 11 to 1,100,000 on November 25. According to previous calculations by the WMPU blog, this could mean a gain of over 600,000 new Windows Phone users this holiday.

Microsoft has been promoting heavily this holiday, including installing a six-story tall Windows Phone-like electronic billboard in NYC as well as hosting a series of Windows Phone parties in 5 major US cities that kicked off earlier this month. The events are to introduce the HTC Radar, HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, and Samsung Focus Flash.

But perhaps, more of a driving force was the strong campaign in Europe for Nokia's first Windows Phone called the Lumia 800. Nokia has launched a massive marketing campaign in the UK and intends to host a major one-time event taking place today at London's Millbank Tower that includes deadmau5 performance and 4D image projections.

Although the 600,000 prediction pales in comparison to Android's more than 550,000 daily activations, it's definitely a big improvement for the Windows Phone platform. Plus, Nokia hasn't hit the states yet, as they're US marketing campaign likely won't launch until early next year, so it'll be interesting to see whether that Windows Phone number continues to climb.

[via WinRumors]