Windows 7 on Gigabyte M912 touchscreen netbook

The Windows 7 testing continues, with Gigabyte's M912 convertible touchscreen netbook the latest to have some playtime with Microsoft's new pre-beta OS.  Actual test results are pretty sparse right now, but UMPC Fever have been recording start-up and shut-down times which give a good indication of how usable the OS might be on the tablet.  Booting into Windows 7 on the M912 takes roughly 1 minute 11 seconds, while shutdown is around 32 seconds.Video demos after the cut

Other functionality of the system with the new OS is unknown, aside from the fact that the touchscreen does work in Windows 7.  You can see it being used in the shutdown test below.  Hopefully the guys at UMPC Fever will follow up with some hands-on reports of how well the M912's 1.6GHz Atom processor keeps up.

Last week we saw Windows 7 running on the Motion Computing LS800, Lenovo IdeaPad S10, MacBook Pro, and the HP Mini-Note 2133.   

Gigabyte M912 Windows 7 startup test:

Gigabyte M912 Windows 7 shutdown test: