Windows 7 gets new MacBook Pro to play with

Prepare, Mac faithful, to recoil in horror.  Gearlog have taken the latest MacBook Pro and – either usefully or sacrilegiously, depending on your loyalties – installed the new pre-beta of Windows 7 on it.  The Apple laptop was already set up to dual-boot into Vista, so Windows 7 was simply installed straight over the top. Video demo of the Windows 7 MacBook Pro after the cut

While a lot of the basic functionality and included apps work, Gearlog found that certain features – such as mouseover preview, and network connectivity – still wouldn't, even with judicious application of the OS X driver disc.  The multitouch trackpad couldn't be encouraged to take advantage of Windows' Tablet PC tools, either.

Still, it sounds like they could've given up to soon.  Commenters have chimed in suggesting different ways to force the OS to find the drivers, rather than let it attempt things automatically, which could make things a whole lot more useful.