Will you buy a Galaxy Nexus? Our poll says YES, you will!

We've had a poll up on the front page of SlashGear since the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong on the 18th of October, and from what the 16,700+ of you voters have said, it looks like this device is going to be a big seller! Of course the second in line option for this poll was "No, I don't like Android," this leading us to believe that you iPhone users out there aren't about to switch over to the other platform, even IF it's the next-generation hero for both Google and Samsung. The rest of you participants have got your reservations, seeking one of four options as far as why you've either got no Nexus in your future or need a bit more information on the release.

While it's important to note that this poll is only so accurate as the real-life people participating in it, the results show quite clearly that more than HALF of the participants have one strong opinion on the device or essentially the opposite, though as it's 31% of the full total what says "Definitely, it looks amazing!" while the next largest result at 21% says they wont simply because they do no like Android at all! Of course then the next place is the "maybe" response with an added "I'll wait to see the first reviews." We can help with that – soon, soon!

Next there's the price issue at 11%, surprisingly, along with the notion that the voter wants a different Android phone or has a phone for which they'll simply wait to have Ice Cream Sandwich loaded on. So here's the thing: you voters don't care about the price, you just want the phone that you want, and more than likely that's the Galaxy Nexus. Voters seemed to either be ready to keep rolling with Android in one way or another OR preferred a different mobileOS – but take note, as most of the options assumed the person answering already had a mind for the Android landscape, I'd bet only those madly against Android responded that they did not want the device because they did not like Android.

Imagine that.

The poll will remain open until a bit later this week, at which time we'll be switching it up for something else – stay tuned to find out what!

Also note that we've got plenty of hands-on time with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich prepared for you from the Hong Kong event as well as a London event for the Galaxy Note in which they had a few Galaxy Nexus units on hand for more peeks, see it all here, live and in motion! Also stick with us here on SlashGear for the full review of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich soon!

Galaxy Nexus hands-on with Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy Note hands-on