WiBrain site reappears; review samples shipping

The WiBrain saga continues.  The UMPC company's site, having been pulled earlier in the week, has now returned; however there's no sign of anything different to explain a period in maintenance.  The WiBrain I1 UMPC itself, which speculation suggested may have been killed off, is now headed to at least one reviewer, our old friend Steve Paine at UMPC Portal; however we still don't have anything approaching a firm release date.

The demo model is coming from importer Mobilx, who still have it listed for delivery starting February 20th 2009.  However with no stock apparently on hand, aside from review samples, it remains to be seen if the UMPC will actually make it to buyers.  One possibility is that WiBrain themselves have clamped down on information in preparation for a CES 2009 announcement.

Steve's promising a live session with the I1 today, Wednesday 17th, at 20:00 CET.  That will either be your chance to scope out what could be your next UMPC, or a final swan-song for an almost-contender.