WiBrain site pulled: refresh or company collapse?

Chris Davies - Dec 15, 2008

Speculation is growing that UMPC manufacturer WiBrain have closed their doors.  After the upcoming WiBrain I1 was apparently shelved, with no new information on the company site and feedback from internal sources that “nothing is happening” with the new model, now the whole WiBrain site has been pulled. 

Previously the site had details of the company’s earlier B1 UMPCs – now no longer available from importer Mobilix – but it currently brings up a 403 “Page Forbidden” error.  It’s possible that the site is being redesigned with the new device in mind, but given the I1’s track record it looks increasingly likely that the company has shut its doors.

Mobilix has the WiBrain I1 listed for pre-order – in both HSDPA and non-3G versions – with estimated delivery from February 20th 2009.  It’s unclear when that was added to the site, nor how accurate those dates are.

[via UMPC Portal]

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