Why The iPad Heat Is Linked To Hot Sales

This month the 2012 refresh of one of Apple's hottest commodities has been released: the iPad, and with it has come a surprising revelation on the part of hundreds if not thousands of customers – it gets hot when you use it! Imagine Apple's surprise when they found that their product, which does indeed stick inside their own specifications for heat index, was suddenly the center of a hot laps and hands situation. Here's my question for you, consumers and readers alike: have you personally felt an iPad that was significantly hotter than any other modern tablet that you also concurrently own?

The iPad's 2012 refresh has been selling astronomically well, and a "firestorm" as some are saying it's become would not bode well for such a "hot" device, as it were. Results are showing up this week, on the other hand, which show that the new iPad does run "hot", but certainly no hotter than a relatively complete array of competing tablets. On top of this, much of the heat has come not from the actual tablet, but from the viral effect the press coverage is having on the undeniably large masses of people that already own the device.

So consider this, ladies and gentlemen, and especially those who would spit heavy language at the largest all-in-one software and hardware experience deliverer on the planet: there are a lot of iPads out there. Any tiny detail that is not absolutely perfect will be pulled apart like a wool sweater with a thread loose. This is no reason to think that the iPad is worse than its competitors, and its certainly no reason (if you consider the most recent results) to call out the rest of the tablets which are just as hot.

The tablet world is not yet at a place where it'll have no heat whatsoever, but if you are amongst the tiny percentage of people who uses their iPad for hours on end with heavy-hitting applications that'll make it heat up, please continue to complain.