New iPad already 5 percent of US iPad traffic

Rue Liu - Mar 20, 2012
New iPad already 5 percent of US iPad traffic

Apple’s new iPad was released less than a week ago and sold more than 3 million units in just the first weekend. It’s also already accounting for over 5 percent of all web traffic from iPads in the US. The data comes from online ad agency Chitika, which has setup a web page that will continue to monitor the traffic breakdown between the new iPad versus its predecessors.

A simple pie chart is used on the page to show the percentage of US web traffic coming from the different iPads over the last 24 hours. It only breaks down the traffic to two categories, putting the new iPad by itself and grouping the iPad 1 and iPad 2 together. Currently, the new iPad accounts for 5.616%, leaving 94.392% for the other two combined.

Chitika also shows the adoption rate of the new iPad by the hour and by the state. At the moment, the data reveals California to be the state with the highest percentage of web traffic coming from the new iPad at 6.316% followed surprisingly by Connecticut with 6.068% and Nevada with 5.796%.

The new iPad traffic is measured and determined based on the user agent, origin, and display resolution data. The user agent confirms that a device is actually an iPad, while origin determines the location, and the resolution indicates that its the new iPad with the Retina display.

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