White iPhone 4 spotted at London Apple Store?

Most people are expecting Apple to take on the iPhone 4 reception issues at their press conference later today, but there are signs that the company may be announcing white iPhone 4 availability too.  Tech writer Julian Prokaza spotted significant deliveries taking place at Apple's flagship Regent Street store in London last night, complete with "lots of white iPhone boxes in crates".

Since the iPhone 3GS is seemingly no longer available in white, with only the black 8GB version listed on Apple's site, that suggests the deliveries are the white iPhone 4 that has been delayed since the black fourth-gen model's release.  Apple blamed "unforeseen manufacturing difficulties" on the delay, and said the white handset wouldn't be available until late July 2010.

Of course, since then analysts have tipped an "internal bumper" hardware fix intended to address the antenna issue, so it's possible the new white iPhone 4 handsets could also take that into account.  SlashGear will be liveblogging the whole Apple press conference later, so join us at 10am PT at http://live.slashgear.com/ for all the news.