White iPhone 4 Removed From Apple Website

The white iPhone 4 is a sneaky device. Apple, having shown it off at the beginning of the year and making a countless number of people excited for its release, has repeatedly delayed the iDevice since its announcement. And, with this latest delay under the company's wings, there's speculation that the device not be making it to the market at all. Ever. Of course, there's plenty of reasons why: manufacturers can't get the shades of white to match. Or, the white color causes crazy things to happen when taking a picture. Either way, Apple's suggestion that the white model of the iPhone 4 is hard to manufacture looks to be true. And now, sadly, the white device is missing from Apple's online store altogether.

As you probably already knew, Apple's online iPhone shop previously showcased not only the black version, which you can buy right now, but also the white version. While you could stare at it all day long, Apple was quick to note that you couldn't order it online, nor could you pick it up in any store locations. But, at least it was there, working as a small glimmer of hope that the iDevice would pop up sooner than later. But, all hope has been apparently lost, as the company has pulled the white iPhone 4 from the website.

Is the white iPhone 4 cancelled? Or is it just delayed until 2011? That's the million dollar question at this point, and it doesn't look like anyone but those embedded in the Cupertino-based offices knows the real answer. With rumors still flying around that the white iPhone 4 will be the official device for Verizon when the handset launches next year, the speculation is still keeping the device alive and well — eve if Apple seems to be trying to make everyone forget about it.

[via Macworld]