Where's our left-handed Apple Watch? [Update]

One striking feature of the Apple Watch you may have missed during today's Apple presentation is its single-handed orientation. The Apple Watch is – for now – made for those who are right-handed only. Left-handed users have to strain (just a little bit).

The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch sits to the right of its face. Because of this, the Apple Watch tends to orient itself – lend itself to usage – toward a right-handed person. Below you'll see a collection of screenshots from Apple's demonstration videos of the watch being worn on the left wrist with a right hand interacting with it.

Below you'll see the Health and Fitness Apple Watch features video featuring Jay Blahnik. This fellow was tipped to have been hired by Apple back in August of 2013. His official title today is Apple's Director of Fitness, Health Technologies.

We'll be getting a more in-depth look at this device in the near future. Stick around our Apple Hub for more information, or just head straight to the Apple Watch tag portal.

The Apple Watch will be released in early 2015, and you can see more release information in our article on the subject today.

NOTE: You can, indeed, adjust the way you tap or wear the device on the arm you'd not normally wear a watch, but the fact remains – for now, the Apple Watch only works one way.Update: So, it turns out the Apple Watch really works TWO ways. Apple tells us on initial setup, you can choose to have the watch face orient itself for use on the right wrist, making it friendly to lefties. The watch bands are also swappable, so your band isn't facing the wrong way. Good news for everyone involved, but like most things in life, Lefties will still have to deal with a right-handed design — the crown will be on the bottom of the left side of the watch when on the right wrist.