Where are the Google Nexus One accessories?

Chris Davies - Jan 7, 2010
Where are the Google Nexus One accessories?

As our Nexus One unboxing video demonstrated, when it comes to in-box entertainment Google are definitely expecting the smartphone itself to do the talking; included accessories are limited to an Android-branded slip case, an AC adapter and a USB cable.  In the run up to the Nexus One’s debut, however, we saw leaks of various add-ons including a Bluetooth car dock and a Bluetooth desk dock; Google, though, made no mention of any Nexus One accessories, third-party or otherwise, at their launch event on Tuesday.

Considering Google are billing the Nexus One as their idea of what the ideal Android smartphone would be like, giving manufacturer HTC detailed specifications and loading the handset with the very latest version of the platform, v2.1, it’s curious they fell short of describing the entire ecosystem surrounding the new device.  Contrasting Google’s event to, say, an Apple iPhone launch, the Cupertino company have shown that by bringing select accessories on-stage – the TomTom car kit is a good example – they can better set their devices in user context; that car kit showed how well integrated iPhone OS 3.0 could be with external hardware, and by extension prompted would-be iPhone owners to think about what other alluring possibilities might be around the corner.

What’s even stranger is that the Nexus One is obviously designed to better integrate with peripherals; the row of metal contacts running along the bottom edge of the smartphone are well placed for dock-mounting.  Back in December we wondered whether Google would establish an official Nexus One accessories program, made up of best-of-breed add ons; perhaps CES 2010 has proved a distraction, but the SlashGear inbox hasn’t even been swamped by peripheral manufacturers trying to tout their N1-compatible wares.

If the iPhone’s success has shown anything, it’s that users content with their new gadgets are more than willing to shower them with new toys, and we bet there are a fair few people wondering – perhaps handset in hand – where the Nexus One accessories are.  A well-designed, distinctive range of peripherals – perhaps in a new accessories area on Google’s much-vaunted websales site – would certainly extend the Nexus One’s appeal.

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