Google Nexus One Bluetooth car dock gets FCC tested

Satsuki Then - Dec 29, 2009
Google Nexus One Bluetooth car dock gets FCC tested

Yesterday the Bluetooth desktop dock, today the Bluetooth car dock; FCC filings for Google Nexus One accessories are cropping up with increasing regularity.  Described in the document as for the “Google Phone” – rather than the Nexus One, as the handset has always been referred to previously – the car dock looks, from the hastily slapped together diagram you can see after the cut, like a pretty straightforward in-car cradle.

The document – which was filed by HTC – doesn’t list all of the car dock’s functionality, but we’re guessing it will both charge the Nexus One and allow for hands-free speakerphone use too.  It’ll also possibly allow for wireless streaming of media to compatible Bluetooth in-car head units, though that’s all just speculation.

The Nexus One is expected to arrive early in the new year, both sold directly from Google and – eventually – via carriers such as T-Mobile in the US.  Both Google and carriers are believed to be planning subsidies for the handset’s hardware.

[via Engadget]

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