Watch the first Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer now

There's little doubt now that Activision will be announcing this year's Call of Duty game, titled Infinite Warfare, in the coming week, as the first teaser trailer has been posted to YouTube, as well as appearing within Black Ops III multiplayer matches. It's rumored and hinted for weeks now that 2016's Call of Duty would make the jump to a futuristic, sci-fi-themed setting, moving away from the modern/near future setting we've had for several years now, and this teaser is about as bleak, dystopian future as you can get.

The trailer, titled "Know Your Enemy," is just 30 seconds long, but it features a mean-looking Bruce Willis wannabe making threats about destroying enemies and erasing them "from the history books," while static and distortion effects intersect with quick shots of a city being destroyed. The man states he is part of the "Settlement Defense Front," but it's not clear if this is the enemy players will be fighting against in Infinite Warfare, or if the SDF is the side they'll be fighting on.

Will the new, futuristic setting of Call of Duty finally pit humans against an alien threat? Or will we be seeing something like different factions of humans at war in space, possibly over something like scare resources? Hopefully an official announcement from Activision will give us more details.

The other interesting thing about the teaser's appearance this weekend is that it coincides with a similar in-game announcement in Black Ops III's multiplayer. Among the static of the Infinite Warfare trailer was a glimpse of the word "Nuketown," which is the name of a classic multiplayer map in the CoD series.

Those playing on the Black Ops III version of the map, called Nuk3town, will now see an ominous spaceship floating above the environment, as well as the bald guy's threatening message playing on a large billboard-like display.

It looks like the hype-train for Call of Duty 2016 is nearing full speed. Between Infinite Warfare's new setting and story, and the recently leaked remastered version of CoD4: Modern Warfare, there's a lot for series fans to be excited about.

SOURCE Call of Duty/YouTube