Verizon HTC 10 release imminent (pre-order up)

This morning the folks at Verizon announced that the HTC 10 would indeed be coming to their stores on pre-order soon. That's as promised, as it were. They've also posted their own unboxing video, as they often do, and have made clear that the HTC Ice View Phone Case will be available through them as well. How dare you assume you'd be able to get by without it? The very nerve!

Starting this afternoon, users will be able to preorder the HTC 10 from Verizon online, and in doing so will have the device in-hand (shipped or picked up) on release day, May 5th, 2016. Pricing on this smartphone with Verizon is $27 per month for 24 months on device payment (0% APR, full price: $648).

Verizon's unboxing video makes use of a yoga enthusiast. See if you can figure out why. We've been unable to do so.

We've been working with the HTC 10 for a bit now – you'll be able to see our full account of the device in our brand-spanking-new review by the simple name HTC 10 Review, as if you did not already know.

The HTC 10 is HTC's latest all-metal design, rolling this time with a mirror-like edge and the promise that this isn't another HTC One M9, a device that was all but an iterative step above the HTC One M8. Before that was what was originally called the HTC One, later re-named HTC One M7, one of the most awesome smartphones ever made.

The whole lot has been on Verizon, too. Almost as if they trust one-another and see value in the connection. Top-notch hardware, top-notch connectivity. Decent.

Have a peek at our HTC 10 timeline below to get a better idea of what this smartphone is all about if the review above is not enough for you – good luck!