Verizon 4G LTE expanding again on December 15

Verizon has announced today that it will be lighting up a new batch of markets with its 4G LTE coverage on December 15. The carrier has been rolling out its blazing fast network at a breakneck pace and will already be surpassing its year-end target of 175 markets by November 17, when it has scheduled another set of new LTE markets.

The areas to get lit up on Verizon's 4G LTE coverage map on December 15 include Findlay, Tiffin, Warren, and Youngstown in Ohio; Indiana, White Twp., Homer City, and Blairsville in Pennsylvania; as well as St. Cloud and Duluth in Minneapolis. Since each region is being announced separately, there may be more than those markets scheduled for next month.

And if your market has gotten 4G LTE coverage already then you can take advantage of the increasing lineup of 4G LTE smartphones on Verizon's network. Those now include the LG Revolution, the HTC Thunderbolt, the Samsung DROID Charge, the DROID Bionic, and the DROID RAZR.

[via MarketWatch]