Untitled Goose Game "Lovely Edition" includes Sugar-Based sticker

The folks behind Untitled Goose Game teamed up with iam8bit to create a physical packaged edition of their game that's just a treasure. It's also a bit backwards since it's aiming to be environmentally friendly when... the game can be purchased digitally, without any packaging at all... but still! Today we're talking about the Untitled Goose Game iam8bit exclusive "Lovely Edition."

The Lovely Edition of Untitled Goose Game was announced in two different forms. One is for Nintendo Switch, the other is for PlayStation 4, both have a 100% recyclable booklet and foldout poster. The poster is a hand-illustrated piece of design work by Melbourne-based artist and game developer Marigold Bartlett.

Both versions also include a single "no goose" sticker that's sugar-based, non-toxic, and made with no vinyl. Both versions also come wrapped with eco-friendly biolefin shrink wrap. The folks at iam8bit tend to go all-out.

The Nintendo Switch version has a 100% recyclable outer sheet. It would seem that Nintendo Switch packaging standards sorta dictate that the main package is standardized – so it's that same sort of flexible plastic you've seen before.

The PlayStation 4 Lovely Edition also has an eco-friendly outer packaging "made of 100% post-consumer material using Non-Toxic, 0% VOC inks." The inner packaging is the same sort of situation – no flex on standards! The Lovely Edition of Untitled Goose Game can be found on iam8bit for Nintendo Switch for approximately $40 USD, or PlayStation 4 for $35 USD.

There's also a standard boxed edition of Untitled Goose Game available for the Nintendo Switch for around $35, and for PS4 for around $30 USD. The standard boxed edition includes an "extra sticky official 'No Goose' sticker." This version also has the same poster imagery in an 11 x 17-inch poster print. This version also has a Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalogue: "a 24-page retail catalogue featuring useful items and objects that a goose might enjoy collecting."

Now, if only iam8bit would figure out how to release this game as a cartridge for... Atari? Maybe just a series of floppy disks for my Macintosh Color Classic.