Twitter updates search to include older tweets

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 7, 2013, 10:01pm CST
Twitter updates search to include older tweets

Thus far, search on Twitter has limited results to tweets no older than one week. That changes today as the social network rolls out an update to its search that includes tweets older than a week. Users aren’t presented with just any tweets, however; the results are being tweaked to show posts most relevant to search query based on various criteria.

Search results are determined, according to the announcement, by looking at retweets, number of clicks, favorites, and how many people have been engaged with a tweet, all of which influence search results. Over time, the social network will be increasing what it shows in results, but for now, the initial search update is being rolled out over the course of the “coming days.”

This follows updates Twitter has rolled out for its mobile apps, both Android and iOS, that facilitate more relevant content searches. The update includes some big changes to the Discover tab, which includes previews for Trends and Activity at the top of the stream. The updated search to incorporate older tweets is also being implemented for both mobile apps.

The social network has been in the news quite a bit lately with the controversy surrounding Vine, which was recently given a 17+ age rating and reporting system to combat a porn problem. In addition, on Tuesday it was reported that the company had acquired Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics business, with the goal of furthering its television presence.

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