Twitter announces Bluefin Labs acquisition

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 5, 2013, 8:38pm CST
Twitter announces Bluefin Labs acquisition

Twitter has announced that it acquired Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company, a move taking it further into the world of television. Twitter has shown interest in television for years, with people using it as a way to interact with televised events using hashtags. According to the social network, the acquisition will aid in both ad product innovation and the creation of social TV consumer experiences.

One example of a social TV experience with Twitter was provided on the company’s blog back in May of 2011, when it discussed coverage of the royal wedding on Twitter using hashtags. Using the hashtags #CNNTV, individuals watching CNN could share their thoughts in a social environment using social media.

The Bluefin Labs acquisition follows the social network’s partnership with Nielsen, which was made public in December 2012. This partnership is for the development of the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, which is slated to roll out this fall, complementing Nielsen’s regular ratings. Adding Bluefin’s data science and expertise into the mix, Twitter is looking to really ramp up its television presence.

According to the announcement, Twitter will still honor Bluefin contracts that already exist, but will not sell Bluefin products to any new customers. Using its partnership with Nielsen and SocialGuide, the social network will work on research and develop for networks, agencies and such to show them the benefits of combining TV and Twitter.

[via Twitter]

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