Vine implements 17+ age rating and reporting system

When Twitter

released its Vine app

a couple of weeks ago, needless to say

we were intrigued by the concept

. However, the app quickly became plagued with a

porn problem

that got a majority of people all up in a tizz. However, Twitter has released an update for the app today that implements a 17+ age rating, as well as a reporting system for reporting inappropriate content.

The update arrives after a wave of controversy slammed Vine over adult content, and the app was even featured in the "Editor's Choice" section of the iTunes App Store before it eventually was

removed from that section

. The same thing happened with 500px, although its app was

pulled from the App Store

altogether until it

came back with a mature age rating


Other than the addition of the 17+ age rating and the new reporting system, the Vine update comes with some usual bugfixes, as well as the ability to share Vines (is that what we're calling them?) to Facebook or Twitter after it has already been recorded and posted. The app also allows you to block users in case you find out that their Vines aren't particular up to your standards.

If you've been MIA for the past couple weeks and aren't sure what Vine is, we have a

thorough primer on the subject

that shows you what the app is and what it does. Essentially, Vine records short, six-second videos that you can post to Twitter, similar to GIFs but they're a bit more creative and a lot quicker and easier to make. You can grab the app on iOS for free

right now