500px back in iTunes App Store after pornography debacle

After the popular photo-sharing app 500px was bumped out of Apple's iTunes App Store for containing pornography, the app is back up with a few changes. The developers behind the app have added a couple of new features that aim to target inappropriate content. The app now has a report button, as well as a mature content warning for those who don't want surprises.

The updated version of the app is rated for users ages 17 and up, and it adds a "Report this photo" button to help filter out inappropriate content. However, the app still has a category for "Nude" photos for logged-in users, which is surprising since Apple seems to give it the all clear, despite the app still contains adult content, but we suppose the restrictions and the warnings were good enough for the Cupertino-based company.

The removal of 500px last week came right before a huge fiasco with Twitter's new Vine app, which let's users record six-second videos to post to their accounts. Vine has been having its own porn problem lately, and while it hasn't been pulled from the iTunes App Store, it was removed from Apple's "Editor Choice" category.

The updated 500px app also got a few improvements along with the changes to its content. The update fixes an issue that would automatically redirect a user after logging in, and it also addresses a problem that resulted in only partially downloaded photos. Users should be seeing the app back in the app store as we speak.