Twitter Stays On BlackBerry, Gets 2.0 Beta Update

Despite all the negativity surrounding RIM with some already claiming an imminent demise of the once leading enterprise solution provider, not everyone's jumping ship just yet. The popular Seesmic app may have announced discontinuing support for BlackBerry, but Twitter continues on the floundering platform, today releasing a version 2.0 beta update.

Some of the changes with this update include a refreshed interface with a lighter color scheme along with a hidden Tweet composer. The function is now located in the new Compose Tweet bar below the navigation bar. A Trending Topics icon has been added to the navigation bar and now supports local trends. User can now more easily access their profiles from the navigation bar or the Menu. Overall performance enhancements have also been made to the app.

RIM released the Twitter version 2.0 beta update today in its BlackBerry Beta Zone. The company has had an especially rough time in the press since its poor earnings call last week. Layoffs were announced with the first 200 pink slips already distributed while internal sales estimates for the Playbook were slashed further. It will be interesting to see how and if RIM can turn things around in the second half of this year and buy enough time to transition to its new QNX platform.

[via BlackBerry]