Seesmic App Drops BlackBerry Support, Other Apps To Follow?

The popular Seesmic app that aggregates all your social feeds into one convenient place has just announced plans to drop all support for its BlackBerry version. Starting on June 30, the company will transition all its focus to the most popular platforms including Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone 7. Ouch, for BlackBerry. With all the recent negativity, could this signal the beginning of an app developer stampede away from BlackBerry?

Waning developer support for the BlackBerry platform isn't too surprising, but many have continued to half-heartedly support the platform nonetheless. And now, after RIM's disappointing earnings call last week, imminent layoffs, product delays, angry shareholders, and Co-CEOs in denial, the company seems on the verge of a massive and quick downward spiral.

For developers, it just doesn't make sense to allocate resources developing for a platform that will not have any successful products in the market or an expanding user base. Additionally, RIM's plans to switch to a new QNX platform means that developers have no idea how long the current one will be around. Seesmic most likely won't be the only app jumping ship within these next few months.

[via Business Insider]