BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Delayed Until Fall

In the midst of the negative news from RIM's quarterly earnings report, it's been revealed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will not be getting a 4G version until fall. The Wi-Fi version of the tablet was launched back in April with the plan of having a 4G version launch sometime this summer.

Ever since the lukewarm reception to the PlayBook after launch, carriers have been hesitant about picking up the device. RIM had publicly stated that Verizon would be one of the carriers to pick up the device which elicited a statement from the carrier that they were still "undecided." Later reports indicated that the WiMAX carrier would pick up the PlayBook for its 4G network, but instead slotted it in as a 3G tablet.

However, the news of the delay was not officially announced, but simply mentioned in passing by RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis when he talked about how excited he was to be launching the 4G PlayBook models this fall. Additionally, it was mentioned that the new BlackBerry 9900 and 9930 smartphones would also be delayed, with a new release estimated for end of August.

[via BGR]