BlackBerry PlayBook 3G Version Available Now

It was recently rumored that a cellular version of the BlackBerry PlayBook would be arriving soon and that it would be a 4G WiMAX version. A Google search for the words PlayBook 4G revealed a hidden product page from the big yellow carrier suggesting that it was readying the tablet for a WiMAX launch. But today, it's been revealed that the PlayBook will only be available in 3G for now.

Since the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi version, RIM has publicly said that a 4G version would be rolling out on the three largest U.S. carriers. However, the carriers responded hesitantly, with Verizon even stating that they were undecided about carrying the tablet.

They BlackBerry PlayBook hasn't garnered as much excitement as other rivaling tablets, but it still has a strong enterprise following with BlackBerry fans. We gave it a lukewarm review due to its half-baked firmware, but it seems like updates are coming promptly and hopefully by the rumored 10-inch version, most of the kinks will be worked out. The 3G version is now available both online and in retails stores of the WiMAX carrier.

[via Wired]