RIM slashes PlayBook sales goals for Q2 2011

RIM is facing a bleak future right now as its mobile devices are losing ground in just about all categories. The prospects for the many are grim and to help shore up the budgets RIM is starting layoffs of workers. While the layoffs are starting RIM is also reportedly reducing the sales goal for Q2 2011 on the BlackBerry Playbook tablet after dismal sales of the device.

DigiTimes reports that only about 500,000 PlayBook tablets have sold since the device launched in mid-April to early June. The slow sales has lead to RIM lowering it shipment goals for the tablet from the originally expected 2.4 million units to only 800,000 to 900,000 units. The revelation comes not directly from RIM, but from DigiTimes sources in the supply chain.

The sources do note that demand for the PlayBook may increase when the three future versions of the tablet sporting 3G, LTE, or WiMax capability hit the market. These tablets are set to launch sometime after Q3. Apple is still booming in the tablet market with the iPad 2 expected to ship 8-10 million units in Q2. Acer has also reportedly reduced shipment targets for the Iconia tablet from 5-7 million units in 2011 to 2.5-3 million units.

[via DigiTimes]