Twin iPad Cortex A9 refresh, Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 and AMD Fusion Apple TV all predicted for Q1 2011

It isn't often that DigiTimes quote their own research arm as primary source, but whenever they do the rumors tend to be particularly juicy.  Today's report is no different: they're two new iPads in Q1 2011 (both 9.7- and 7-inch models) together with a CDMA iPhone hitting mass production in December 2010, and a new Apple TV based on AMD Fusion.

Both new iPads will run ARM Cortex A9 processors, with the larger having 512MB of RAM – twice that of the current iPad.  The smaller unit will have a 7-inch IPS LCD display running at 1024 x 768, they predict.

As for the CDMA iPhone 4, that's expected to go on sale in January 2011 after a CES 2011 unveil on Verizon, together with China Telecom availability, and eventually account for 35-percent of iPhone sales in 2011.  It will have a metal back-plate and an integrated antenna, DigiTimes say.  AT&T has hinted at an end of iPhone exclusivity recently.

The new Apple TV, meanwhile, fits in with other rumors about the home entertainment STB, with DigiTimes suggesting it will bypass an internal hard-drive and instead use streaming local and internet media.  They also say it will have an iPhone-style UI – we've heard before that it will adopt iOS – together with social networking support and App Store access.  They're tipping mass production in December 2010.