Tumblr Sponsored Posts hit web with dollar-sign icon

This week Tumblr has begun to roll out sponsored posts beyond their mobile application environment. While back on the 22nd of April Tumblr brought advertisements to smartphones, users working with their desktop computers and browsing their Dashboard with a web browser will see the same thing. Because the Yahoo buyout of Tumblr was announced so very recently, it's likely this move was scheduled well ahead of said acquisition.

As Tumblr states today, it's been one year since the first sponsored post appeared on Tumblr Radar. This program has since garnered "more than 10 million likes and reblogs" in the months between there and here, and Tumblr is glad to usher in said content to their main console.

Posts that are sponsored will be appearing to regular users the same way a normal piece of content would. In an effort to keep Tumblr as visually pleasing and "cool" as it has been, sponsors create advertisements in the same manner a regular Tumblr user would. This means the same title, image, placement format and everything.

Though these posts will appear in user feeds the same way they would any other post, a shining dollar sign will appear in the upper right-hand corner. As this dollar sign is a light gray and meant to be unobtrusive, these posts will "simply blend in", as Tumblr hopes they will.

Does this sound like a positive move to you? If you've been using the standard Tumblr app on your iPhone or Android device, have you noticed paid posts yet? They've been there for a few weeks!

SOURCE: Tumblr