Tumblr gives in to ads in its mobile apps

Tumblr announced today that they're rolling out advertisements for their iOS and Android apps, as expected. Users of Tumblr's mobile apps will see up to four ads per day, according to the company, and they're separated from normal posts with an animated dollar sign icon at the top of each of these types of posts.Tumblr is partnering with several companies to bring these sponsored posts to mobile, which include ABC, GE, Pepsi, and Warner Bros. The social blogging company says that these ads will get around the same exposure as posts that have been re-blogged by friends, although some of the ads will be animated, which makes us believe that they'll be more obtrusive than users would like.

These new mobile ads also come almost a full year after Tumblr posted its first sponsored post. Since that time, Tumblr's partners "have created some truly delightful blogs and racked up tens of millions notes on their posts." Based upon "how well these creations can fit into our Dashboards," the company decided to roll out the same thing for mobile today.

This is an expanded effort from Tumblr to create revenue growth for its business, and it's said that the company will unsurprisingly continue to think up different ways to bring sponsored content to users, including giving users the opportunity to promote posts, but it seems anything is possible for social blogging platform at this point.