TRON Inspired Messenger Bag Features EL-Wire [Video]

Evan Selleck - Dec 20, 2010
TRON Inspired Messenger Bag Features EL-Wire [Video]

We’ve seen the controllers. We’ve seen the real light cycles. And we’ve even seen a skatecycle that stole our hearts. We’ve even reviewed the movie. But that’s not going to stop the TRON: Legacy-inspired items from popping up here and there. We’re just happy to see that there’s just as much Do It Yourself magic happening here, as there are “official” products being launched.

This messenger bag may look normal without the wiring and electricity running through it, but that all changes when you flip the switch. The bag features EL-Wire in a very TRON-like layout, and thanks to some soldering, won’t be removed from the bag easily. There’s a battery pack inside, which provides a very low level current of electricity through the wire. The result is some very distinct lines, glowing blue.

The video below acts as a tutorial, so if you look at this bag and just have to have one, then take a seat and start taking some notes.

[via Lifehacker]

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