Parker Brothers Choppers Creates 10 TRON: Legacy Light Cycles, Only 4 Left [Video]

While this may not be the first "real" TRON: Legacy-inspired light cycle to hit the news, these cycles offer the name of Parker Brothers Choppers behind them. And let's face it, seeing more real-life light cycles running around, especially those that can actually be driven on the road, is nothing to pass over. After all, deep down inside we all one.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the major motion picture TRON: Legacy from Disney, Parker Brothers Choppers decided to build ten ridiculously exclusive light cycles. Thankfully, each of the bikes are perfectly legal, which means you can drive it around to show off to all of your friends. The bikes are constructed from steel frames, and feature a fiberglass bodywork. Inside, you'll find a Suzuki TLR-1000 V-twin engine.

It gets better, though. It will cost you $55,000 to get your body on one of these things. You can opt-in for physical gauges, but if you decide that you'd much rather have a digital read-out, they will include an iPad-dock, which will let you put your iPad right there in front of your face, and provide all the essential information while you're out cruising around. There are only four left, so if you're interested, you'll have to hurry. Check out a video below to see the bike for yourself.

[via Pocket-Lint]