OMG... Street legal Tron lightcycle up for auction!

I like Tron and would have gladly sold my brother to the circus as a kid to get a real Tron lightcycle. I tried to make one myself by using duct tape to secure some of those glow sticks to my three-wheeler, but it just wasn't the same. You can now get your own real light bike that is actually street legal and comes with a Tron helmet. Someone needs to go check on Tron Guy, he's probably in a nerd overload induced coma somewhere right now.

The company who made the light bikes for the film is making five real bikes that will be street legal. The bikes are being built to the exact specifications of the ones used in the film and there will be only five made, each with a different accent color.

The color options are red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. The company says that the version built to promote the film is not running and these five will be the only ones to exist. The buyer can choose a high-performance gas engine and transmission or an electric motor depending on their needs. Apparently, the bikes are about $35,000 each. I'm off to put everything I own on eBay to raise the money to buy one.