TRON Skatecycle is DIY Treasure [Video]

Evan Selleck - Dec 14, 2010
TRON Skatecycle is DIY Treasure [Video]

For whatever reason, whether it be price or the fact that riding a “real” Lightcycle may not be the safest idea out there, you decided to go ahead and skip the options for picking up a Lightcycle of your own. But if your’e still aching to have something you can ride, and also show off your love for all things TRON, then this Do It Yourself idea from Alon Karpman may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Karpman is a huge TRON fan, and he decided to show it off in New York City. He picked up a Freerider skate cycle, and then went ahead and strung together a few blue LEDs right onto the wheels. He didn’t just go with blue, though. He also made an orange variant as well. Unfortunately, you can’t just go out and buy this great TRON-themed skatecycle. You’ll have to pick up your own Freerider, and then add your own LEDs to it. Check out the video of the TRON Skatecycle making its way around New York City below.

[via DVICE]

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