PDP Tron: Legacy Inspired Controller is Licensed by Microsoft, Costs $50

The TRON: Legacy-themed accessories aren't going to stop showing up just because the movie is now available to watch in theaters. But, when they look as good as this new design from PDP, we can't really say that we're disappointed in that fact. Of course, this isn't the first controller with the TRON theme we've seen heading to the Xbox 360, but it is the first one we've seen that's actually licensed by Microsoft. It's up to you to decide whether or not that has anything to do with the fact that this controller looks so nice.

The description of the controller paints it as being inspired by Clu, the main antagonist of the TRON: Legacy film. The orange hue to the lights certainly does inspire that feeling, doesn't it? As you can imagine, those orange lines do light up when they get into a dark room, so those late night gaming sessions can be highlighted by some orange incandescence emanating right from your controller.

Unfortunately, there aren't hundreds of thousands of these controllers floating around. According to PDP, there were only 250 of these fantastic controllers made, which means they get that Limited Edition sticker that's so coveted for gadgets. The price for the controller is $50, but they are not available for pre-order right now. We'd recommend heading through that source link below, and making sure you bookmark that page and checking it frequently, so you don't miss out on a chance to get one of these for yourself.

[via PDP]