Top 4 Best X-Box One Controllers Review

The Xbox One has its fair share of controllers now, both official and 3rd-party. What we're doing today is running down the best of the best – with a real oddity thrown in for good measure. This means both Microsoft-made and 3rd-party-made, since the dawn of the Xbox One. Here you'll find the controller you're looking for – or bust.

Razer Wildcat

This controller came a bit out of left field when it was first released in December of 2015. Razer, the maker of some of the world's greatest gaming peripherals, made an Xbox One controller for the masses. But not for the masses. For gamers that want to ramp their game up to the max.

This controller is wired. It's meant to make CERTAIN that your button presses and taps are felt as quick as possible, no matter the nastiness of having a cord running from your Xbox One to your hand. The Razer Wildcat is well worth the cash, and customizable, too.

NFL Premium Face-Off Controller

This controller is made by PDP and is officially licensed by the NFL. It's light, inexpensive, and comes with the ability to change its faceplate. In the box is a code that can be used to order a ("free") team faceplate of your choice. This means any of the teams in the NFL – even teams that never, ever win!

While some might be more pumped about being able to put their favorite team on top, we're all about the in-case cover. In the box is the best of the faceplates available – textured like a football. It's grippy!

Xbox Design Lab Xbox One Controller

The original Xbox One Wireless Controller has been excellent since day one. Better than the vast majority of 3rd-party controllers, and it comes in black! For those that want some variety in their life, there's also the Xbox Design Lab.

Straight from Microsoft there's a way in which users can pick their own colors for Body, Bumpers and Triggers, D-Pad, Thumbsticks, ABXY buttons, View and Menu buttons, and backside. Of course we decided to go mostly Pink. But it's up to you!

Xbox One Elite Controller

The greatest controller on the market today, hands down, is the Xbox One Elite. Microsoft makes this controller to be the best, no holds barred, top quality amazing. It'll cost you an arm and a leg to get it, too. Just like the majority of the controllers on this list, this controller can be used with Windows 10 desktop and notebooks as well, so you won't have any trouble trying out your options.

The Xbox One Elite Controller comes with different triggers, joysticks, and a long USB cord that wont easily become a tangled mess. Have a peek at our Xbox One Elite Controller Review for more.