Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C Bluetooth pendant on sale now

We already knew Tokyoflash were segueing into Bluetooth peripherals – in fact they asked our opinion on what exactly they should make – and the first spoils of that endeavour have gone up for sale.  The massively-named Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C Wireless Bluetooth Receiver is a bulbous Bluetooth pendant that works as both a hands-free kit for your cellphone and an A2DP streamer for listening to music.

The various buttons – for call answering, volume, playback and track control – are all mixed into various Stargate-esque glyphs, and there's also a watch function too.  You'll need to be able to decipher it, though, since Tokyflash are using their usual obscure code of different LEDs.

Unlike earlier estimates, the Kisai Escape C actually comes in under budget.  Having been told to expect a sticker price of $150 to $180, Tokyoflash are actually selling the Bluetooth pendant for $107.42, with a choice of various necklace styles from plain cords through braids and chains.