Tokyoflash Bluetooth concepts want feedback

Tokyoflash, better known for their bizarre, frustrating and alluring watches, have announced a design competition, the first stage of which calls for critique on twelve different Bluetooth necklace designs.  Intended to link wirelessly to a cellphone and offer, at least, hands-free communication (either via an earpiece or speakerphone), the twelve concepts range from a Terrahawks-style sphere to a male/female design meant for couples.All twelve concepts in the gallery after the cut

Each piece has a short description, setting out the materials and purpose.  All of them have at least a little Tokyoflash style to them, though I'm not a fan of the dice concept and the credit card one looks a little naff.

There's no telling whether a landslide of public opinion will see any of these specific concepts reach Tokyoflash's shelves, but the company is saying it's an opportunity to help shape their design language.  Strangely none of the current concepts have hands, so we can't suggest a more traditional watch design.