This Lamborghini yacht is 4,000 horsepower excess

If you thought owning a Lamborghini made you special, think again: the bar has been raised, and I'm afraid you'll need a Lamborghini yacht in order to maintain your social standing. Unveiled this week, the collaboration between the automaker and The Italian Sea Group has been dubbed the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, and as you'd expect it's lavish in a number of ways.

63 feet in length, it taps the same sort of carbon fiber that Lamborghini uses in its supercars to keep weight down but strength up. In fact, the two companies suggest, it's "just" 24 tons overall, which is pretty light for a boat.

To that, the yacht-maker straps a pair of MAN V12-2000 hp engines. They're enough for 60 knots – almost 70 mph – making this the fastest of the Tecnomar line-up. It's not the biggest, though: the largest Tecnomar yachts get all the way over 160 feet. In this case, the 63 foot length was selected as a nod to Lamborghini's founding back in 1963.

The styling is inspired by the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, the hybrid super sports car that the automaker unveiled late last year. A high-performance hull and superstructure is paired with a hard top inspired by Lamborghini roadsters, blending cover from the sun with aerodynamics. Bow lighting borrows the Y-shaped aesthetic of the Siàn FKP 37 and Terzo Millennio headlamps.

Inside the yacht, meanwhile, there's more of those Y-motifs, along with hexagon shapes as we've seen Lamborghini make heavy use of inside and out. The car dashboard inspires a screen-heavy instrument panel on the yacht's bridge, too, while Lamborghini donates a steering wheel for the tiller. The start/stop button from the supercars is carried over as well, though unlike in a wheeled Lamborghini there are actually two of them in the Tecnomar: one for each of the engines.

Carbon fiber and other lightweight materials are in plentiful supply, and The Italian Sea Group will offer buyers of the new yacht their choice of various exterior colors and livery options. There'll be two standard interiors, but of course the sky is effectively the limit – if you have sufficiently deep pockets.

Only a limited number of Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 will be built, and unsurprisingly nobody is talking price. It's not the first car company to lend its name – and expertise – to an ocean-going vessel, mind.

Back in 2018, for example, Lexus unveiled the LY 650, a production version of its concept yacht from the previous year. A few years earlier, Bugatti hooked up with motor yacht builder Palmer Johnson on a small series of open carbon-fiber sport boats.

If you've got around $3 million to spare, meanwhile, you might still be able to order the 59' Tirranna AMG Edition we took for a ride earlier this year. It may not be the largest of these automotive collaborations, but with 2,700 hp on tap it's certainly not slow.