This is the Incredible Hulk Galaxy S6

What you're about to see is not another Avengers Edition Galaxy S6 from Samsung. Instead, it's the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a SkinIt skin on it, straight from their newest Marvel Comics collection. Much like we saw with the Spider-Man skin for the MacBook Pro, this release has a comic cover retro-fitted – or future-fitted – onto the Samsung smartphone. This device is the same Galaxy S6 you've seen in our full Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge review, only now it's far more Hulk-ified and super strange.

Unlike our review of the R2-D2 skin for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the folks at SkinIt didn't have quite so odd a time fitting this skin to a flat phone. This phone is fairly straightforward when it comes to level glass.

Sticking 3M adhesive stickiness to the surface of the Galaxy S6 is super easy. Because SkinIt creates their skins with 3M materials, you'll also be able to place an re-place at will.

Unlike transparent thin screen protectors, this skin is EXTREMELY forgiving of dust, hair, or whatever else you happen to get caught underneath whilst applying. I got a couple of super-tiny bits of dust and one dog hair stuck to this skin whilst applying – removing them then sticking the skin again was easy.

This skin protects – to a degree – whatever you happen to cover up with it. This is a protector against scratches, primarily.

You'll want a full case if you want protection from drops.

The Marvel Designs by SkinIt collection has skins from Age of Ultron, Spider-Man, Avengers (in a slightly more general sense), and each individual Avenger in their own category.

You'll also find Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Venom and Carnage, Punisher, Spider-Woman, and Ghost Rider.

The full collection of skins for the Galaxy S6 is $14.99 apiece. Have at em.