R2-D2 Galaxy S6 Edge SkinIt Review

In the wake of the preview announcement of the Iron Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, SlashGear turns its eye to the Poor Techie's Solution. Here we're taking a peek at another SkinIt skin for our device. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved front display glass, and therefor presents a bit of a challenge for case makers and accessory creators alike. How does SkinIt solve this problem? As it turns out, they didn't have to do much of anything different from their normal methods of application.

You Poor Techie! What are you going to do! Ever since you first saw the DROID R2-D2 way back in the year 2010, you knew you wanted to be one with the Force. You knew you wanted to make your fabulous own phone look like everyone's favorite white and blue robot.

But what's a person such as yourself to do? Make with the crayons and markets? No way, of course not. Instead, there's a group called SkinIt. This company creates "skins" for your device using high-quality 3M-made sticky backing.

The result is a super-strong, re-stickable yet strong-holding set of skins with whatever you want printed in high quality inks.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you've got one of the only solutions like this on the market.

It requires extreme precision in measurements (by SkinIt, which they've done with extraordinary grace) and a careful hand in application. That's your job.

The front is the real trick – lining up the edges especially since there's very little border to work with.

The back is more of a one-shot show.

The back is very easy to align and apply.

Once they're on, they're good to go for the life of your device.

[amazon B00X87C8XO]

We've used SkinIt skins before and, barring any strange occurrences with the edges of this Edge, we've no reason to suspect this experience would be anything less than great.

The ONE concern I have with this particular product is in the front skin's edge's super thinness. Not much SkinIt could do about this since the Galaxy S6 Edge's edges are so very thin, but there you have it. In the end you might just want to skip the front and stick on the back.

SkinIt has a whole Star Wars collection for a wide variety of devices right this minute – this R2-D2 skin for the Galaxy S6 Edge will run you right around $15 USD.