Motorola Droid R2-D2 for Verizon Unboxing and Hands-On

When Motorola first announced the Motorola Droid, the connection to George Lucas' Star Wars wasn't missed. And, plenty of people eagerly anticipated something that showed the connection, other than the name. And now, with the R2-D2 edition of the Droid 2, that time has finally come. Android Community managed to get some time with the device, and they've gone through the pleasantries of unboxing it, as well as taking plenty of photos.

The changes aren't just simple ones, either. Love and care went into the creation of the R2-D2 model. Instead of blue and black like the original, this new model is silver and white, with high-quality printing done around the back of the device, as well as up by the camera. You'll even find decorations around the front panel, at the top. The R2-D2 logo is on the back of the screen section. The hardware is still the same, with the minor tweaks notwithstanding, and you'll still be holding a 3.7-inch display in your hands, with a 1Ghz processor under the hood. You'll also find Motorola's tweaks to the software, as well as Android 2.2 powering the whole show.

And while the software is generally the same, Motorola made some tweaks to the sounds that the device makes. You'll now hear R2-D2 sounds for message notifications and ringtones. You'll also get access to some new Live Wallpapers. Our review is coming up shortly, so stay tuned, and find out if the R2-D2 version of the Droid 2 is the Droid you've been looking for.

[via Android Community]

DROID R2-D2 Unboxing:

[vms c2d7d2fec5da1b71d36c]

DROID R2-D2 Booting Up and Live Wallpaper:

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