SkinIt Review: Marvel, Star Wars on MacBook Pro, LG G3, Xbox One

It's time for a quick look at the latest from SkinIt here with a couple of skins from their newest Marvel Comics collection as well as a classic skin from Star Wars. SkinIt sent us samples for three rather different devices to get a good feel for the quality of their product on different sorts of surfaces and at different scales, as well. What you're seeing here is a MacBook Pro, an LG G3 smartphone, and the Xbox One gaming console.

SkinIt is a personalization company, making accessories for your smart devices of all kinds. SkinIt's biggest product sales are in product "skins" made of premium 3M flexible vinyl.

3M, you may be interested to learn, also makes the sticker material used with WOODCHUCK Custom Wood Cases. The SkinIt team have made some really radical metal plates in their day, too 

The 3M company is one of the finest creators of abrasives in the industry, headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota. Using materials we consider the finest in the industry is certainly a great place to start. From there, it's all about print quality and fit.

First you'll see the LG G3. SkinIt's solution for this oddly-shaped device was to cover the back – the battery cover – nearly completely. You'll find an aesthetically pleasing about of space around the laser sensor, LED flash, and speaker – and the edge of the whole back – and a tight fit around the back-facing buttons and camera.

The front of this device is also given a couple of skins, one for the top panel and one for the bottom. As the front of this smartphone is covered entirely by one pane of glass, these skins become a little bit needless in nature here. I wouldn't normally say the front skins were needless since all skins are basically for looks, but the material SkinIt uses here does add grip to the back of the LG G3.

Printing here and with the Marvel Comics skin for the MacBook Pro is superb. Captain America's shield never looked so glorious.

The same is true of the Marvel Comics classic Amazing Spider-Man comic cover for the MacBook Pro. The printing is superb – the execution here does the cover justice.

On the MacBook Pro you'll see that I've covered the Apple logo. I did this to show that you CAN cover the Apple – but you don't have to. The fit for this skin is extremely precise, leading up to the edges of the top of the MacBook Pro and fitting around the Apple logo exactly.

The same is true of the Xbox One with Star Wars skin. The fit is nice – an adequate amount of space around the Xbox logo / on-button up front, and a nicely tight fit up to all the edges.

The design on this Luke Skywalker print makes it appear that there's some run in the inks on this skin, but it's not. SkinIt's delivery is spot on – colors, sharpness, and brilliance.

You'll be able to pick up any or all of these skins in any combination on most of the devices you might own right this minute. Not every smart device is covered by SkinIt, and not every design fits on every device, but most do!

The Marvel Comics LG G3 skin you see here will cost you $14.99 USD. The Marvel Comics skin for Apple MacBook Pro will cost you $29.99 USD. The Star Wars (Luke Skywalker) skin for Xbox One here will cost you $29.99 USD.