This is how Samsung will sell you the Galaxy S5

Samsung's first TV commercial for the Galaxy S5 has been revealed today, ahead of the smartphone's US release later this month. The video – which uses the tagline "meaningful innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you" – focuses on the key hardware features of the Android smartphone, like its 5.1-inch display and heart-rate sensor, though lacks the personality of previous Samsung ads.

For instance, there's none of the Apple sparring with the iPhone as we saw with previous Galaxy flagships. 2012 was a particularly fierce year for that, with the Galaxy S3 accompanied by a number of iPhone-slamming ads highlighting the extra features and technology Samsung's phone included.

In fact, Samsung spent a huge amount in 2012 on commercials and anti-Apple campaigns. A total of $401m was spent on advertising in those twelve months alone, it's suggested, certainly more than the $333m Apple spent during the same period.

Compared to that, this new design-centric Galaxy S5 commercial is almost sedate. Samsung runs through the key hardware points, but it's a glossy, slow affair rather than being punchy and memorable.

That could well change in the coming months as availability ramps up, of course, and meanwhile Apple and Samsung are back in court this month as the patent war resumes.

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