The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is real, and now I'm sad

Genesis has revealed its latest model, with the 2022 G70 Shooting Brake proving to be a sleek and teasing reminder that the US often misses out on the most fun. Based on the G70, but with a curvaceous wagon body, the newest iteration from Hyundai's luxury arm does nothing to disprove that Genesis is responsible for some of the most striking design in the car world right now.

That's obviously the case for the regular G70 sedan, which has recently been updated for the 2022 model year with styling borrowed from its head-turning G80 sibling. For the new G70 Shooting Brake, however, it's an opportunity to bring back a little-used name for something that pairs aesthetics with more practicality.

Typically distinguished from their wagon brethren by a more swooping roofline – and traditionally by having two doors, rather than four, though that trend has rather fallen by the wayside – the official line between "wagon" and "shooting brake" tends to be more one of attitude than actual dimensions. Still, Genesis is promising a chunk more practicality than the G70 sedan offers. Cargo space is up 40-percent, in fact, while the rear seats now support a 40/20/40 split.

The resulting car has the same length and wheelbase as the latest G70, and its front styling. That means the lowered Crest Grille and Quad Lamps, which have become Genesis' most recent design flourish, but there's now a single-piece glass hatch and a "floating" integrated spoiler.

Genesis moved the tailgate hinge forward, helping with cargo loading space, and there's a new version of the Quad Lamps for the rear too. Inside, meanwhile, the 2022 G70's cabin refresh has been carried over too, including new graphics for the infotainment system with its enlarged touchscreen.

The downside – since there typically is one when it comes to fancy wagons – is that Genesis has no plans to bring the G70 Shooting Brake to the US. Instead, it's focused on Europe, where it'll join a rush of the automaker's models arriving in dealerships. After having focused on the US market along with South Korea initially, Genesis will begin European sales – in Germany, along with the UK and Switzerland – this summer, initially with the G80 and GV80 SUV, then the G70 and GV70 crossover after that.

The G70 Shooting Brake will be the fifth of Genesis' cars for Europe, and "a clear statement of our commitment to the region," according to Dominique Boesch, Managing Director of Genesis Motor Europe.

Engines, pricing, and specifications will be confirmed closer to the posh wagon's release. In the US, pricing for the 2022 G70 sedan has been massaged for the post-refresh car, kicking off at $38,570 (including destination).