The Daily Slash: September 22nd 2010

It's the middle of the week, so we're just about to the end. Hopefully you've got some plans for the weekend, with plenty of rest before we get back into it on Monday. With that in mind, welcome to tonight's edition of The Daily Slash. In our news from around the Web segment, we got an update for their new 27-inch displays. And then, as usual, we wrap up what's been going on around the R3 Media Network.From Around the WebApple Releases Software for 27-Inch LED Cinema Displays: Even if the 27-inch LED Cinema Display isn't quite out yet, that's not stopping the company from making sure that all the software out there that would need it, gets updated to support the upcoming hardware. Not that customers have to wait long, considering the display went on sale last Friday, and shipping times are still listed as 1-2 weeks. As for the software update, it's measured at 75.79 MB, and if you don't have Mac OS X 10.6.4, it won't work. Features include subtle tweaks to the System Preferences settings, which include ambient light sensor settings. [via MacRumors]R3 Media NetworkSlashGearVail Resorts Bringing Slope Goers AchievementsXbox LIVE Preview Program Up and RunningBackBeat 903+ ReviewPocket eDGe eReader Detailed, Heading to VerizonAndroid CommunityDroid 2 World Edition OutedSamsung Announces Update to Captivate's GPS IssuesSlashPhoneNovatell Ovation MC545 Dual-Carrier HSPA+ USB Device RevealedHTC Lexikon Shows Itself Off