The Daily Slash: October 27th 2010

Chris Burns - Oct 27, 2010
The Daily Slash: October 27th 2010

Lots of money moving around today. Lots of legal battles battling today. Lots of tidbits about that ever-so-sassy White iPhone flying around today. Two big fat reviews by our folks in the field on SlashGear (T-Mobile myTouch 4G and HTC Desire HD,) a little bit of info on that wild and weird PlayStation phone (with Android,) and all the other little updates and crannies you’re all about. And what’s that? I think it’s the sound of a thousand bummed-out pirates. Pour one out for LimeWire.

SlashBUMMER That’s right. You may have heard the rumors. LimeWire is dead. The RIAA have won a 4-year-long suit against the LimeWire firesharing group and their filesharing days are over, so says a real-deal US court. On the lighter side of things, LimeWire’s parent company, Lime Wire, intends to stay in the music business. How? Probably something to do with trading files for money or something. Sounds terrible. Read all about it: LimeWire Ordered to Shut Down Forever

R3 Media Network

RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone
PayPal Expands its Mobile Payment Offering

Android Community
T-Mobile Officially Announce MYTouch 4G
Maylong M-150 Android Tablet, Just $99 at Walgreens
Samsung Galaxy Tab hits T-Mobile from $400 on Nov 10
PayPal leaks Android Market support
PlayStation… Phone? Yes! PlayStation Phone!

Why the White iPhone 4 is Delayed (the real reason)
Google Street View Inquiry in the US is Over
The Myth of the Apple Bias [COLUMN]
HTC Desire HD Review [REVIEW]
myTouch 4G hands-on [FEATURED]
Apple China launch online store; Chinese language App Store
Google on Purchasing Android Inc: “Best Deal Ever”

Pour one out, ye piratin’ scallywags, but make sure not to hit your new mobile device, for the howlidays are on their way, and yoo don’t want’n to be missin an update. To see more Daily Slash posts, click here: [The Daily Slash]

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