The Daily Slash: October 1st 2010

It was the first day of October, so hopefully it went well for you. In other news, it's also Friday, which means the weekend is upon us, and we've all survived another week. Welcome to The Daily Slash. Tonight, we've got the strangest piece of iPhone accessory we've ever seen, and that could either be a good or bad thing. And then, as we wrap it up, we'll take a look at what's been happening around the R3 Media Network.From Around the WebThis is the Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger: There's plenty of third party accessories out there for your iDevice, but this one takes the cake for being the most . . . Disturbing. There's not really a name for this thing, and truth be told, it really does look like a combination of a Facehugger from the Alien series, and an umbilical cord. And, while we may think the standard charger and cable is pretty boring, we don't think you need to go this "outside the box" to make it look interesting. Or maybe you do. Your call. [via DVICE]R3 Media NetworkSlashGearZune HD Gets Windows Live MessengerLogitech Unveiling Google TV Products on October 6thMedal of Honor Devs Choose to Change Controversial Multiplayer FeatureRecon Instruments Brings the GPS to Your GogglesA Story About a PrankBallmer Loses Full Bonus Due to Kin FailureAndroid CommunityT-Mobile G2 Plagued with IssuesFourSquare Gets Updated, Adds FeaturesSlashPhoneList of Countries Supporting Android Market Grows